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Arlington Virginia Reckless Driving

Reckless driving convictions lead to devastating consequences. That includes possible jail time, fines, license suspension, and a lifelong criminal record.

Are you facing reckless driving charges in Arlington or the surrounding areas (including Loudoun County / Leesburg VA)?

If so, it’s in your best interest to find and consult with the best Arlington reckless driving attorney for your situation. At S&R law firm, we are not your average Virginia traffic attorney.

We do a lot more than that. We represent clients in a full range of criminal defense matters.

Why Is That Important?

Reckless driving isn’t a simple traffic infraction. It’s a criminal charge. That means that you need more than an Arlington traffic lawyer. You need a well-rounded and experienced attorney.

We’re confident that we can help you attain the best possible outcome for your situation. Contact us today at 703-273-6431 for your free consultation.

Learn more about reckless driving in Arlington, Virginia, below.

What Constitutes Reckless Driving in Virginia?

An officer can charge you with reckless driving for many types of “reckless” actions. Including, but not limited to:

  • Driving more than 20 miles over the posted speed limit
  • Driving 80 miles per hour or more
  • Driving at unsafe speeds during inclement weather conditions
  • Driving with ineffective brakes
  • Overloading your vehicle
  • Causing an accident

The penalties for reckless driving in Virginia are harsh. That’s why facing a Class 1 misdemeanor without a proven Arlington, VA reckless driving lawyer is usually not a good idea. Contact us today to discuss your case.

Can You go to Jail For Reckless Driving in Virginia?

You could go to jail for up to one year if convicted of reckless driving in VA. Whether or not that happens depends on many factors, including:

  • The circumstances of your case
  • Past reckless driving convictions
  • Whether or not your actions caused property or personal damage
  • Overall driving record
  • The caliber of Arlington reckless driving lawyer you hire

A skilled reckless driving Virginia lawyer can investigate your case and identify any “mitigating factors” that could lead to decreased or dismissed charges. They can also negotiate with the Commonwealth attorney while advocating for dismissed or reduced charges.

How Much is the Fine for Reckless Driving in Virginia?

Fines for reckless driving can be as high a $2,500. That’s not including the cost of a lawyer, missed time from work to handle your case, additional transportation costs (due to license suspension), etc.

With that in mind, it’s best to consult with an Arlington reckless driving attorney as soon as possible to potentially avoid fines or receive the least amount of fines possible under the circumstances.

Other Consequences For Reckless Driving in Arlington Virginia

Penalties for reckless driving in VA are not limited to criminal and financial. A reckless driving conviction can potentially impact many other areas of your life, including:

  • Employment: If you drive for a living (i.e., truck driver, Uber driver, delivery driver, etc.), a reckless driving charge could disqualify you from further employment in your field. Additionally, it can make it more difficult to obtain employment (in any field) if you have a criminal record.
  • Insurance Premiums: Your insurance premiums are likely to go up. In some cases, it could increase by hundreds of dollars a month.
  • Child Custody: Suppose you are charged with reckless driving while having your child in the car with you. If convicted, that could have negative implications on your ability to obtain or retain custodial rights.
  • Relationships: It can be challenging to be a good parent, spouse, sibling, friend, etc. when you are in jail. Being in jail not only limits your immediate future, but it also profoundly impacts other areas of your life, like family and friends.
  • Inconvenience: A 6-month license suspension means that you will have to drastically change how to do just about everything (outside of your house).

Working with a skilled reckless driving Virginia lawyer can help to erase or decrease potential penalties and charges. Learn how below.

Should I Hire an Arlington Traffic Lawyer?

Regardless of the circumstances of your case, it’s always recommended to consult with a proven Arlington reckless driving attorney.

Representing yourself or hiring a subpar Virginia traffic attorney can result in unfair plea deals, avoidable consequences, and an unfavorable outcome in your case. A reckless driving lawyer in Arlington can:

  • Explain your rights, charges, and legal options
  • Investigate your case and identify potential mitigating factors
  • Negotiate with the Commonwealth attorney for decreased or dismissed charges
  • Identify possible police errors
  • Identify and interview witnesses

Working with an experienced attorney may be the most important factor in the outcome of your reckless driving case. Without one, you’re at the mercy of the Commonwealth.

We’re here to help. Learn more below.

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At S&R Law Firm, we understand the devastating consequences of a reckless driving conviction in Arlington, Virginia. Our attorneys are here to help you understand the law, advocate for your rights, negotiate on your behalf, and work towards the best possible outcome.

Our clients love us because we get results.

If you’re facing reckless driving charges in Arlington, VA (including the Loudoun County / Leesburg VA area), working with a skilled reckless driving lawyer can significantly increase your likelihood of decreased or dismissed charges.

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