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S&R Law Firm specializes in Criminal Defense, DUI/DWI Defense, and Traffic Ticket Defense in Fairfax County, Virginia and the surrounding areas. Regardless of the difficulty of the legal situation you are facing, we are here to help you get your life on track.

Criminal Defense

As someone facing criminal charges, you are likely dealing with a lot of stress, not to mention significant fear and uncertainty about your future. The good news is that there is often a lot you can do to fight criminal charges and improve your situation. By working with the experienced team at S&R Law Firm, you will have a dedicated attorney on your side to aggressively fight the charges against you.

By simply getting good legal representation from a seasoned criminal defense attorney in Fairfax, you will have the opportunity to have the charges against you greatly reduced or possibly dismissed. If you are facing criminal charges, we can assist you in all of the following practice areas. Just click the links to learn more about each:

DUI / DWI Defense

Facing a DUI or DWI charge in Fairfax is often one of the scariest experiences a person can have. From getting pulled over and having to do difficult field sobriety tests under pressure to getting blood drawn to determine your blood alcohol concentration, the experience can make you feel hopeless and alone.

After the initial arrest, things often get even scarier as you imagine what will happen in court and how your future will be impacted. The large fines, potential for jail time or prison, and suspension of your license are all very real consequences of this crime. However, the good news is that whether it is your first DUI or you have more than one offense, a Fairfax DUI lawyer can often help.

Our attorneys are skilled at representing people charged with DUIs in Fairfax and we will aggressively defend you in court. We have experience fighting cases where arrests were botched or blood, breath, or urine tests were done incorrectly. We may be able to get your charges reduced or your penalties decreased as we have for many Fairfax residents.

We defend clients in a range of DUI and DWI scenarios. You can find more information below:

Traffic Ticket Defense

Whether you’ve been charged with speeding, Reckless Driving, driving while suspended, or a different traffic offense, when you simply pay the fine, you are essentially admitting your guilt. In some cases, paying the ticket and moving on is the best decision you can make, but in other cases it is a better idea to fight the ticket.

Traffic violations can have a serious impact on your insurance rates, your driving record, your ability to legally drive, and even your ability to remain employed. Many times, it is worth the time and energy to fight your traffic ticket in order to keep your life on track.

At S&R Law Firm our Fairfax traffic attorneys have successfully defended many people facing license suspension, expensive fines, and even jail time for traffic offenses. We will fight hard for your rights and help you get the best possible outcome so you can stay on the road.

We specialize in all types of traffic offenses. You can learn more about them by clicking below:

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An excellent attorney with much knowledge and a skilled litigator which is highly recommended to anyone seeking counsel.


The S&R Law Firm as a whole comes with my high recommendations as to their professionalism, affordability, and legal capabilities.


I hired the S&R law firm to represent me in a legal action. I was very pleased with their professional, yet also compassionate approach to my case.


S&R Law Firm is an honest, affordable, professional, and extremely personable firm. S&R provides five-star services!


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