Reckless Driving Charges: S&R Law Firm Reaches Favorable Resolution In Case Involving George Mason All Star

Posted by Ryan Rambudhan on Oct 20, 2015

Only a few months after Nationals baseball star Jason Werth served five days in jail for driving his Porsche 105 mph on the beltway, Benjamin Schaefer represented a famous alum of the George Mason Men's Basketball team for almost the same speed on I-95 North. Despite the extremely high speed and a history of speeding and reckless driving, the basketball star ended up spending less than 24 hours in lock-up, getting him out in time to fly overseas to begin the basketball season in Europe, where he plays for a professional club. The most important factor for this client was his ability to work the result around his career. Working with clients to understand their individual goals is the first step in how S & R Law Firm approaches cases. While the attorneys at S & R were happy with the result in this case, we are ultimately more satisfied that the client was able achieve his goals and move on with his life.