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When do I Need a Prince William DUI Lawyer?

Virginia takes DUI cases incredibly seriously, which means that whether it is your first offense or your fourth, it is often incredibly helpful to have a skilled Prince William DUI attorney on your team. At S&R Law Firm, PLLC, we have successfully helped many people charged with a DUI in Virginia receive a better outcome, reduced fines, and reduced sentencing for their case. Below we’ll tell you more about when and how a lawyer may be able to help.

The Benefits of Consulting With a Manassas DUI Lawyer

As a layperson without legal training, navigating and even understanding the legal system in Manassas can be difficult, stressful, and incredibly confusing. This is true even on a basic level. After being charged, if you do not know much about Virginia laws, it will be extremely difficult to know what the strengths and weaknesses of your case are. Every single DUI case is unique, and by consulting with a lawyer, you will get the opinion of someone who has studied the law and defended others from these charges for years.

At S&R Law Firm, PLLC, as with most criminal defense firms, we offer free consultations to potential clients. During this conversation, we can tell you about your rights and discuss how we might handle your case. Whether you have a case or you don’t, our DUI attorneys serving Prince William County will give you an honest answer. Finally, we’ll let you know about our fees upfront so you can negotiate the cost versus the benefits.

Navigating DUI Plea Deals

If you do have a case, one of the most helpful things a good lawyer can do is help you negotiate a plea deal that is fair, and that can potentially allow you to pay fewer fines, spend less time in jail, and possibly keep your license after a DUI in Manassas.

Most prosecutors in Prince William County offer a similar plea deal to anyone with a first offense DUI if their case is standard and uncomplicated (ie: you don’t have prior convictions and didn’t cause an accident and didn’t have a BAC above .15). Usually that means you will get a sentence and fine at the lower end of the penalty spectrum. Because of this, many people choose to go to court alone on their first offense charge. But even standard cases have minor nuances that only a qualified lawyer has the expertise to notice, and sometimes taking the standard offer is not actually in a defendant’s best interest.

An experienced Prince William DUI attorney can often get you an even better plea deal than what is standard. This is because they know area prosecutors, judges, and court proceedings well. Often they can point out a weakness in the prosecutor’s case that could help your own. Talking with a lawyer prior to accepting a plea deal is generally a good idea.

For more serious cases, a lawyer can sometimes help get your charge reduced from a felony to a Class 1 misdemeanor, or from a DUI charge to “wet reckless” (where you’ll be able to keep your license). In cases like these, having a lawyer onhand can be invaluable when it comes to jail time and fines.

The Benefit of Having a Manassas DUI Attorney at Trial

It is perfectly legal for you to represent yourself in Prince William County civil court for a DUI charge, but this can be incredibly risky, especially if your case is complicated. If you injured someone, had a high BAC at the time of your arrest, or you are facing a felony offense DUI, going it alone is not a good plan as you will not have the knowledge or skills to defend yourself. A lawyer with experience with complex cases will have a good track record of defending people charged with DUIs and can often get you a significantly better outcome than you could get on your own.

Prince William County Courthouse Information

As a reference, all of your court dates for a DUI charge in Manassas will be at the Prince William County Courthouse. The Prince William County Courthouse address is 9311 Lee Avenue Manassas, VA 20110.

Get in Touch With S&R Law Firm, PLLC

If you are facing a DUI charge in Manassas, Virginia, you owe it to yourself to get as much information as possible about yourself and your rights. Our team of knowledgeable DUI attorneys in Prince William County has significant experience with cases like yours and we have successfully helped many of our clients get an improved outcome even when they were facing serious charges.

To get a free consultation on your case, contact us today at (703) 273-6431.

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